Thursday, June 08, 2006

YES, I'M REPEATING MYSELF (....but it's my favorite movie...)

Director: Joe Gage (1982)
Starring:Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan, Richard Locke, Clay Russell, Clinton Coe, Bud Wallace, John Steele, Richard West, and of course, The Gage Men.

My all-time favorite. From the black-and-white shots at the beginning, the excellent Man Parrish theme song, and especially the amazing scene with Casey Donovan lost in the woods (sucking off all these guys with the hottest voice-over on film - a guy suggesting all sorts of hot sex scenes, from whacking off as you pull up to a gas station attendant, to making it with "Dad"...) a thoroughly amazing film! Set in Montana, some ranch hands set about to make the most of their weekend - time at the local peep shows, an excellent scene where Richard Locke gets it on with his ex-girl's new military boyfriend, and a scene where a guy is refused admission to the local sex club cuz he's too old, so he grabs a fellow rejectee (a preppy wearing an Izod shirt) and does it 'round back! All narrated by Rory, the "tenderfoot" as foreman Richard Locke like to call him, played wonderfully by Roy Garrett.