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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

That's Gary Boyd's schlong being munched on above - it's from a video i sold about 2 months ago, and never got paid for! GRRRRrrrrrrr! I've always made it a policy not to commment on my eBay buyers, even the ones who are huge hassles, make me track them down, and even when they lead me on for weeks that payment is on the way and still don't pay; I 'd still like to keep it that info private...... so I won't be mentioning anyone's eBay Barbie Doll collecting, that would be tacky, no?

So, it's up for sale again, Dicks So Big - item #180016146111 - click the above pic to take you back to the original blogpost, and a link to the video clip whould be there. GRrrrrr!