Thursday, August 24, 2006

i am a bad person...

....months ago, a really nice guy sent me an email telling me he enjoyed my website, and he did this drawing of me - i thought it was so cool (and I am self-confident enuf not to mind he made my cock small - and heck, he made my belly much smaller than real-life, too!) and I said i would post the pic, and link to his page of other very groovy erotic artwork he had done. And here I am, months later, not only haven't i done what i said i would do, I no longer can find the email with his address, and linkage info. I'll do some more looking tomorrow (famous last words, eh?)

update: - hey, maybe I'm not a complete looser - after I posted this, I saw the copyright date on the picture, and started to look thru my email from May and - WOO-HOO! - so, check out his site - Cartooning and Gay Porn!