Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kansas City trailer VS. Kansas City trailer

Remember a while back - last time I was selling a copy of Joe Gage's KANSAS CITY TRUCKING CO - I mentioned that I was sure the trailer for the film had a voiceover done by a woman - ahhh, back in May??? Well, I still haven't figured out who the woman was, but I did dig up the "alternate" trailer, and thought it would be fun to show both. Click the left pic to get the one you see from the VCA/HIS trailer tape, and the right one has the voice-over version, which was on my TMX (Topman Video-X) version of Closed Set, as well as a few other great movie trailers.

Yes, yes, yes - the video is for sale on eBay - item #180016165557 - but the auction ends today!