Thursday, August 31, 2006

Eliot Spitzer has a big cock
I love campaign season, and our New York State primary is coming up on the 12th - Senator, Governor, Attorney General, and State senator, and a bunch of judgeships, etc. I seem to get much much more campaign "literature" in the mail than any of my friends - perhaps because I vote in all elections, including primaries, or those few days of campaigning for Mondale in the last week of his 1984 presidential run.... who knows? Most of it is pretty mundane, glossy color photos of the candidate and his family, and/or a rainbow's display of diverse peoples from many ethic backgrounds. And of course the black and white "negative" ads with scary font and askew headlines blasting a candidate for corruption or incompetence. But I nearly creamed in my pants when this one appeared in my mailbox, from Andrew Cuomo's campaign for Attorney General. I can't wait to get my hands on one of the campaign buttons - "Cuomo's feet as big as Spitzer's feet". MMMMMMMMmmmmm, campaigning with photos of black leather shoes - I'll pull that lever!