Thursday, November 23, 2006

No one's bidding on my lesbian pulp books!

"The Erika Frohmann Series: reprinted and re-released in the 1980s by Naiad Press. --- Journey to Fulfillment, A World without Men, Return to Lesbos ----- Originally the first 2 stories were written separately about different women in Erika's life. Later Taylor was asked to write a teenage lesbian story, and since she loved the character and back story of Erika, that back story became Journey to Fulfillment, written with a teen audience in mind. Erika Frohmann is a Jewish survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. She moves to the U.S. and meets Marilyn. Marilyn will become her first lover. In the second book Erika is now involved with Kate, and their tense relationship is explored. In the third book Erika meets Frances, a woman who has long denied her lesbianism. They create a life together."