Wednesday, November 29, 2006

what body hair?
gahdamm! Normally the thought of a beautiful hairy man shaving his body hair off is enuf to make me wanna..... but then there's LEDERMEISTER, that amazing early 1970's COLT model, and I'm like, hair, what hair?

Most of his short films can be found on one COLT collection - The Best of Colt Films 07 (LT-66), which has a solo (showering, then in leather boots and cap by his motorcycle), a fantasy sequence with ERRON (AKA Jeremy Brent), poolside with 2 other muscle guys; a short called Oasis where Ledermeister and Dick Trask discard their cowboy clothes for some poolside action; and finally, Breakdown, with Erron again, and Tom. The Best of Colt Films 08 has a short entitled The Meterman, with sexy Dakota.

how 'bout one more, with a bit of hair?