Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the other white Shaw

Ya gotta admire a man who's balls are big enough to cover his rather large dick. We all love Aiden Shaw, of course, but a lesser known porn star from the early 80's, NEAL SHAW, deserves some admiration, too. His handful of Colt/Buckshot short films were far better than his performances in Chip Off the Old Block (1984) and What The Big Boys Eat (1985). No doubt in large part due to Rip Colt's superior photography/film making - and din't hurt that one of his co-stars was the fantastic Frank Vickers (Magic of Power from the TRIPLE TREAT Buckshot Collection). His best performance was probably a solo, for Buckshot, called His Own Man, which includes some nice work with a cucumber, and the ever popular (but not that easy to do well) cumming in his own face. Bravo, Mr. Shaw!