Monday, July 14, 2008


well, i made it. and had fun, frolicked on the beach, and did unspeakable things I never thought I would do (OK, i'll fess up - I bought a pair of flip-flops, and wore them in public!), and burned the tops of my feet (seems to be a tradition for me when going to the beach), and took many walks by myself - which I enjoyed immensely, even with the sad moments of remembering other times at the beach with you-know-who, and took lots of pics, and talked to lots of people in the MeatRack who stumbled upon me crotching down on one knee..... photographing a snake (no, really).

And there's more - some observations I'll keep to myself (and/or the therapist and good friends) - but others - like what's the deal with being in a "bearhouse" and the bong is going like nonstop and NO ONE EATS! and its true - cherrrygrove people are much friendlier than the pinespeople....

and I tried to update my "elsewhere" list over there on the top rightish area.... rather embarassing how many folks gave up blogging years ago and I had no clue, and others I thought I had added, but had the wrong URL, or my copying/pasting was flawed; "demoted" a few downward, since their "blogs" are really gay-ad-pages with some writing thrown in around the middle somewhere, and well.... who knows if it took, cuz every 3 minutes i get this from blogger - Your publish is taking longer than expected.
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- like, why WOULD'T I want it to finish?

well, one last long-weekend nap for me... more later, maybe.