Thursday, October 08, 2009

i am your tricks

have i mentioned how i used to have this porno-themed blog? nevermind. anyhoo.... i am really looking forward to the release of the sitting-in-a-basement for 30-years Patrick Cowley / Jorge Socarras album "Catholic". You can listen to the album over on the Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras's MySpace page (but it has that annoying autoplay feature - you've been warned). Each time I listen, I decide on a different new favorite song - whether it's Robot Children, Rooms, or Burn Brighter Flame, i just love this album and can't wait for it's release! (I think in the long run, their awesome cover of Hurdy Gurdy Man will probably be my fave.) What's funny is that for years, my biggest complaint about a lot of Cowley's stuff was the mediocre-to-godawful vocals - and here we have Indoor Life's Socarras's giving the Cowley sound an appropriate touch - ranging from soothing, to crazed, to silly to eerie - wonder if he'll try to tour to promote the album? Anyone who's heard the soundtracks Cowley did for Fox Studios porno videos in the early 80's will hear those sounds all over this album - just great stuff! As cool as it is that they're having an event over on the west coast - "Megatron Man: The Life & Times of Patrick Cowley." - sure would be nice if they did something here in NYC, eh?