Saturday, October 03, 2009


Director: Jack Deveau (1972)

Deveau's first film stars Ray Frank, Robert Rikas (who was also in Rob Simple's American Cream, also from the early 70's) and Larry Burns. Bob Rikas, who is apparently str8, with a girlfriend, is seduced by Ray Frank (who meets Rikas at his pal's antique shop shortly after giving, and receiving, a blow job in a public bathroom). As their relationship develops, str8 guy drops the girlfriend, and sees more of Frank. Larry seems a bit left out (although we do get to see a hot fantasy scene with him, shot in black and white) and by the end of the film arranges an orgy, inviting his old friend Ray to participate. But, alas, he "inadvertently" arranges for his dope dealer, formerly str8 Bob, to drop by around the time that the orgy is just finishing up, catching his new lover Frank in the middle of it all. Got that?

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