Wednesday, October 07, 2009

more Provincetown humpbacks

now, before you send me an email congratulating me on my excellent camera skills, you have to understand: the boat is moving, the dang animals are moving; there are several of them in several spots, and the people around me are all moving to get a better shot, or to just get a better view. More significantly, I am literally f*ckin peein' in my pants as these guys are coming right at us, and i'm giggling like a four-year-old, the camera goes sideways, then points up at the sky, as one of these boys goes right under the boat. everyone says it, and it is true - you cry. it's my fourth time seeing these big ol' guys, and yet, i still get so overcome with emotion, i can no longer point the camera, i can only just stare with mouth open to my knees and let the waterworks flow, and that silly grin appears that not only lasts several hours that day, but keep reappearing, like right now, two week later.