Friday, October 15, 2004


You'd think someone with so little hair on his backside wouldn't appeal to me; but I figure my goatee shoved up that cute little butt will more than make up for what he's lacking. This is Brand, model for fantastic photography studio called TARGET, who you may remember from such 70's films as Cowpokes,Glenn's Cove, Behind the Barn, Bush Hogs, Bruno Will, The Boys In the Back Room, Dunes, When Strangers Meet and many many other film loops that were later released in the early 80's on videotape by BULLET/Le Salon. (and, apparently, recently released on DVD - but try eBay, not a retailer, and get a good deal) Alas, I don't think this gentleman ever made any films, all we have are great stills like this one for driving our imaginations wild.