Thursday, October 21, 2004

i got a boo-boo
I should never try to do anything, not even anything as simple as trying to grab two pornobooks from a shelf, before having my first cup of coffee. Ouch! I reach up to grab these two books so I can weigh them and give the eBay customer a shipping cost, and CRASH! all these pornovideocassettes come crashing down on my head. And no one here to kiss my boo-boo!

In other, somewhat more interesting news, I scammed some guy into thinking my opinion was interesting - just kidding - I actually got webpublished, and not here on my crummy ol' site, but on a real-life ADULT site - Nightcharm! I realize that there might not be too many of you readers who are interested in this sort of thing, GAYPORNOGRAPHY, but just to show the nice man over there that I have more than 10 regulars who pop in, head over there, click through, and see how many words I mispelled!