Tuesday, October 12, 2004

6 INTERVIEWS SCHEDULED. One cancelled, one was running late ("i'll be there in 10 minutes") and after 75 minutes hasn't shown or called. One more to go for the day. Of the 3 I've seen, the first one was good, seems like we'd get along just fine; second one was fine/acceptable, but works in a salon, so I suspect cologne/smelly hair care products, so he's in the "maybe" pile. The 3rd guy - well, to put it politely, if you look up the word DRAMA in the dictionary, you'd see his picture. Poor thing - young, blond, unemployed, and would tire out even John Kerry with his long-winded answers. Can't answer a simple yes or no question without some long-ass story trailing off to the subway breaking down, or his shoes getting stolen, or how he got lost on the way to his job interview, how expensive the hotel he's staying in is.... JEEZ! Keep your fingers crossed, have 2 or 3 more days of this!