Sunday, October 24, 2004

I know, I know - I keep posting pics with links to crap I'm selling - but these are some cool magazines! Just a bit of info on these, especially for those of you who can't log in to eBay, or after theses auctions are over.

  • The Audition One of those great magazines featuring stills from NOVA FILMS - this one is Mark Murray auditioning as a bar stripper for Quinn Curtis. Complete with set-up stills of the two men completely dressed, and then all the way into and including their hot sex scenes (can't figure out how they got from the office to someone's bedroom, but it's not always going to be logical)
  • Arena 1 Features just these two macho guys doing macho things (grooming a horse, throwing hay around, showing their buttholes to each other, crap like that) until they work up enough of a sweat that they must go down on each other. The ARENA series (this one, from 1978, is the first issue) had some really good quality photography, and printed on good quality thick paper.
  • King of the Thoroughbreds Another of those magazines culled from a porno flick, namely STEVE SCOTT's 1983 film Gold Rush Boys. Here we have the team of J W King (aka Jim King), who you may remember from such porno movies as Closed Set, Big Men on Campus, A Night at Halsted's, Three Day Pass, Turned On! and Brother's Should Do It in a rare (and I might add VERY HOT) bearded appearance; bearded Mike Braun, (who you may remember from his first film, Dangerous, as well as Screen Play) and the hugely hung blond Nick Jerrett (not my type, but who can ignore that huge schlong?), who you may remember from such films as The Summer of Scott Noll and Fantasize.
  • CHAMPS Mmmmmmmm. Sky Dawson. What more can I say? OK, seriously, this is from the Falcon loop series, films #644, 645, 646 (Champs pt. I, pt. II, and Champs - the Finals - later put together on videotape), all featuring Mr Dawson, with the always yummy DICK FISK in one loop (and thus a part of this magazine), Mike Flynn in the next scene/pages, and finally Bruce McMaster joins the other two for the finale (and someone gets two thick hard dicks simultaneously up his.... well, you know).
  • Whopper Kings 3 Again, another great magazine from the 70's; published in 1978, but featuring great shots from the 70's, and I suspect some late 60's - with great photography from AMG (Athletic Model Guild), Kensington Road, Mike Arlen, Third World Studio, and others. Some very big dicks, man (and in some cases, some BIG 70's hair!)