Friday, October 29, 2004

Gym Nasties #2

I ran into a pal - well, a bar buddy - on Avenue A yesterday. As we were chatting, quelle suprise, the topic of porno came up. I was trying to educate him on the types of images I can, and cannot, display in my eBay auctions. There were a few stares as I was grabbing my crotch, his crotch, slight nipple stroking, etc., but hell, i was EDUCATING HIM so I persisted in demonstrating to him the range of allowable, and prohibited, types of images of hot naked studs I could show in my auctions. 3 of the 4 images above (from one of several NOVA magazines I hope to sell soon) could not be shown, as they are touching their naughty bits. Mr Congeniality, pic #3, has the good taste not to be touching his delicious genitals, but to merely be hanging his thumb thru the band of his jockstrap; a pose often seen on me as I roam thru the local sexclub (ya gotta do something with your hands, eh?) And doesn't Gregg Donovan (far right pic) look great in his yellow tube socks?