Friday, October 22, 2004

EROTIKUS A History Of The Gay Movie

directed by: Tom DeSimone (Lancer Brooks) (1974)

Did you know that ONE: A Study of the Teenage Masturbation Syndrome is the first "commercial" film to show the male orgasm, or CUM SHOT, as we film historians like to call them? This, and other important facts can be learned from watching this film (although it's the only tidbit of info you'll get from this cum-pilation scene). There are also two versions of the film, one is a palty 54 minutes, the other appears to be complete at just under 90 minutes (our friends over at Bijou Video have the longer version). Apparently the video distributor thought some of the longer clips were uninteresting, and was worried about other scenes that relied heavily on pop music (like from Confessions of a Male Groupie) that might cause legal hassles. Freaks like me would also notice that in the shorter version, some of the film was actually transferred to video wrong. (see Fred Halsted above? He's supposed to be on the right side of the screen.)
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