Friday, December 10, 2004

Code3stud - WTF???
(I had typed this up yesterday, Thursday, and planned to post it last night, but...)

Years back, friends of mine would tease me about all the AOL chatboy pics, and eBay underwearboy pics I'd save on my hard drive (all the while hogging the chair at the computer - laughing at some, drooling at others). So last February, at work, reading the GAY CITY NEWS story on Code3stud, I knew I had pics on the old hard drive, but had forgotten to write about it until this week, when the story re-appeared with the Supreme Court decision. When I posted about it (below) the same friends weren't surprised i had pics of the guy, but only that I was able to locate them on this jam-packed machine. And today, obsessively checking referrals, I see that (at the moment, anyway) I am top of GOOGLE'S SEARCH for Code3stud! Sometimes hard work pays off.

As of last night, nowhere to be found! Sometimes GOOGLE acts in mysterious ways, I guess. Now, of course, wouldn't it be cool to locate one of the (in)famous videos??!