Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Was out last night with my pal Andy, and while at BIG LUG ran into another buddy, Pete, who confirmed that he and my pal JEFF will be dee-jaying at NOWHERE this Friday, New Year's Eve. WOO-HOO! And when I got home last night, the above reminder/invite was in my email box. Of course I knew where they nabbed the picture from, it's MUNICH MACHINE's album cover for Whiter Shade of Pale - which I wrote about, gee, 3 years ago cuz their version of the song is used prominently in William Higgins's The Boys of Venice. Was this going anywhere? Oh, probably just happy to know there's a local place with friends to celebrate New Years with. Oh, and we ran into a handsome couple, who said they might also pop in for a drink Friday - one of whom agreed with me that cockrings and jockstraps would be appropriate attire. I guess you'll have to show up and check trousers to see which one of these boys said it. Believe me, I'll pretend not to remember so I'll have the excuse to trouser-check!

and check out these Munich Machine tunes: