Friday, December 03, 2004

hot daddies (and boy wonders)
I realize that constant plugging of the handful of adult auctions I have might be a tad annoying, but don't leave just yet. I just got good news from my webhosting company, DREAMHOST - they have just TRIPLED the monthly bandwidth allotments!!!! (and woo-hoo! I just noticed that I've earned $11.94 from BOY WONDER - ain't webreferraldollars cool?) So my good news is your good news - for you non-website-owning folks, here's a translation - MUCHO MORE MUSIC FILES, HIGHER QUALITY/BIGGER PICS, MUCHO MORE VIDEO CLIPS!!!! - like a few pics from a magazine I'm selling (2 days left to bid!) - HOT DADDIES.

Did I say MUSIC FILES? Here's a little something with our pal, Dan Rather.