Thursday, December 02, 2004

Jesus's Message of Love BANNED From Network TV Just Prior To Christmas!
being one of those obsessive gaynews junkies, I am always interested in HOW a story is reported. I am sure many of you now know about the new GAY CONTROVERSEY - the TV ad that a Christian Church produced promoting it's "inclusiveness" that subtley showed gay couples, and not-so-subtley tries to distinguish itself from other churches. Just reading the healdlines below, you can see what to me are striking differences (or do you own GOOGLENEWS SEARCH and see the array of headlines) in the coverage.

Now, if I were an advocate for inclusiveness, or religious freedom, or free speech, or broadcast networks resposibility to the public, I would use that last one - who wouldn't be outraged that NETWORKS BAR RELIGIOUS COMMERICAL - of course, I prefer my own slightly less subtle headline, above.

see the commercial for yourself here

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