Saturday, December 11, 2004

It ain't done yet, but I often start these little projects, get about 60% done, then it gets set aside for months (or forever). Let this be a warning to you, kids; don't smoke pot! It does terrible things to your brain, makes you forgetful, unable to focus, and, and, er, oh yeah, there's that other thing about sex drive, which, well, I wish would kick in soon! Maybe I'd get more done. Anyway, if you remember, I had asked, and got several responses, on how to make a "sortable list" so it would be easier to view my collection - so here it is, that updated pornovideo list I mentioned a few weeks ago.

It still needs work, like I haven't figured out what to do with the COLT and BULLET (Target Studios) stuff - since they are essentially collections of short films that might vary in actual release dates. Same thing with a few old FALCONS I have. But I did finally figure out, with a reasonable degree of certainty, the release year for Falcon Video Pac 1 - The Other Side of Aspen - 1978. Apparently, they were about to get into the videotape market, and this new hot film was going to be the first release, along with the usual 8mm/Super 8mm, plus Super 8mm sound films (Falcon films #637-640) in 4 parts; plus two magazines, Ski Summit - part I and II. After that , it's a bit more difficult to figure out the actual production/release dates, as they then went through their catalogue of films to put out on video, as well as continuing to produce new films that were also released on video. So between the 3 studios, there might be another 20 tapes on hand that I haven't yet included on the list. So if you see typos, or other errors, feel free to let me know. And someday, I might even get around to fixing it.

update: RATS! f**kin' RATS! it ain't workin - not in Internet Explorer or Firefox. WTF?

4 a.m. Sunday morning update: - woo-hoo! thaks to the man from New Zealand!! looks like it works after his easy easy easy instructions (i've had four beers, drooled while talking to a married man, and am now about to have more ice cream, but his "make this directory, put this file in there" directios somehow penetrated my inebriated sex-starved mind) - lemme know if y'all hae problems.