Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm not complaining.......but,
he said he wasn't going to sleep over. But I did offer, and it was sometime after 4 a.m., and I 'finished up' (he urged me not to wait for him) but he didn't. He said he really needed to get home; he had some last minute shopping to do before taking a bus upstate. So just a few minutes of snuggling before he headed out. But before I knew it I was sound asleep, and he was planted right in the middle of the bed - both arms outstretched, and each leg as well. When I woke and tried to maneuver the guy, I realized he was sound asleep, and a much bigger fellow than I had remembered. Dangling half off the bed, his elbow in my side and knee digging into my thigh, the snoring began. Awww, man! I'd push him slightly, he'd stop for all of 7 seconds, then start again - slow and quiet at first, then longer louder snorts of snoring. A bigger push, a longer pause in the snoring - but it would return as soon as my eyelids closed. More pushes, more pauses, then more snoring. A big big push, and finally he stopped. Phewwww.

I was just getting back to sleep, but I felt this slight motion in the bed. He's jerkin off. Cool - he'll take care of that, then be able to sleep. I feel the vibration of his body as he lies next to me whackin'. But then he reaches over, and grabs my cock. Ouch! Owwww, what the - he's grabbed my cock and begun to jerk it, but with just two fingers, like tweezers clamping down on the head. I'm thinking: JEEEEE-SUS!!! STOP THAT! - but my body language is not at all loud, I just quickly turn over, burying my cock in the mattress and turning my bare ass towards him. I can't tell what he's doing now, but he isn't tweezering my cock anymore, and then one hand rests on my ass. I think he's given up.

I fall back asleep, until suddenly I hear his voice - "I gotta get going" - he's smiling, standing over the bed, nearly completely dressed. I smile back, bury my face in the pillow again, and he says something, I dunno what. I look up, he's completely dressed and opening the bedroom door. I get up, follow him into the cold kitchen, standing there in just my jock as he grabs his coat, puts it and a hat on. We kiss, I wish him a happy holiday, safe trip, all that, and walk him to the door. The door shuts, I crawl back into bed, luxuriating in its new vastness.