Friday, January 07, 2005


directed by: Al Parker (1984)

Starring: David Connors, Giorgio Canali, Glenn Steers, Jason Hill, Brad Mason, Mike McDonald, and (non-sex cameo) Al Parker

Ahhhh, wonderfully huge Dave Connors (with his Mr Zig-Zag tattoo) in his porno debut (you may remember him from subsequent films The Biggest One I Ever Saw, One Two Three... and Boys In The Sand 2). Very simple plot: he goes to buy his morning newspaper (from Al Parker), flicks the quarter into the pay box, it stands on end for the rest of the day, which somehow gives him the power to hear what other people (men) are thinking. And what do men think about all day long? Apparently, they think about having sex with Dave Connors! So he has sex with businessman Glenn Steers (who starred in various Buckshot and Falcon movies) in an elevator (set designed by Winn Strickland - AKA Mike Davis - one of Al Parker's best friends); the delivery boy (he's hot, handsome, and uncut, but no boy) Giorgio Canali (AKA Rocco Rizzoli); young car wash worker Jason Hill; and finally a three-way with the TV repairmen, tattooed Brad Mason (who you may remember from such films as Falconhead II, Hot Off The Press and Job Site and Mike McDonald. Filmed at Mac's Baths and the home of Al Parker & Steve Taylor (and yes, that's Al's dog!)