Friday, January 14, 2005

Listing the top 10 files by the number of failed requests, sorted by the number of failed requests.

#reqs: file
-----: ----
600: /blog/12-31-01.JPG
96: /blog/wedding_cake.JPG
67: /adultauctionpics/daddyduke_2.JPG
66: /adultauctionpics/firsttime.jpg
62: /shower/thompkins_square.JPG
58: /blog/OneInABillion01.JPG
58: /blog/OneInABillion03.JPG

WOW! 600 hundred people from some place called tried to see that calendar that Panchesco sent me a couple years back (when i was 20 pounds lighter..... must be the beard.....grrrrrrr!)