Monday, January 03, 2005

old reliable

Maybe scruffy tattooed str8 guys from the 80's isn't your scene, but ya gotta appreciate all the years of hard work David Hurles put into photographing, videotaping, and audiotaping these men. I was thinking about this because a fellow eBay seller, retrorevivals, has a handful of these videotapes for sale (I've bought from, and sold to this great eBayer), and figured I'd throw together a bunch of random pics. Mr. Hurles himself occasionally still sells on eBay (search for seller DHURLES), but his website Old seems to have been this blank page for years now - what's with that? You can find some info at this old badpuppy page, but if you are really serious about seeing some of this man's work - my pals at BIJOU VIDEO have craploads of his stuff on their site. Some brief background info is only the beginning - they've also managed to load a bazillion pages from the OLD RELIABLE CATALOGUES, and if you hunt around enough, you'll even find the e-postcards, which you can send with not only a nekkid str8 man, but also with dirty audio clips! And of course, they don't do this just out of the goodness of their hearts (although if you've ever corresponded with them, you know they are interested in preserving our porn history) they do have some OLD RELIABLE stuff for sale, so check that out, too.