Sunday, January 02, 2005

hairy men pics
if you like spending hours (or if you are like me, days) looking at hairy men on the web, here's two cool sites I like.
  • hairtrigger - gosh, this was one of the first nekkidmenpics site i found on the web years ago, and while it's URL seems to change from time to time, it's still loaded with pics, and still all free. Watch out for all the ads, but it's worth the care - lots of pro, and semi-pro male porn stars in here.
  • Men Who Make Me Look Twice - some enterprising man took all the hard work out of sorting thru all those BigMuscleBear and other 'dating' websites, nabbed a shitload of the best pics, and made it into a slideshow - takes a while to load, but worth it!