Monday, January 24, 2005

monday already?

Not that my Mondays are much like yours. It's more like "hump day" for me, without the sexual implications - just your regular "worked 2 days, work tonight, then work 2 more 'til the weekend" thing. But I often go out on Sunday nights, and last night was no exception. 5 degrees out, don't know why I was surprised there were only 8 people at The Phoenix when I nabbed my first icy cold 2 dollar beer. Then that bar across the street where people do nasty things like smoke, and listen to techno-disco. And ya know, having that back room closed, and the little corner used as the NOTBackRoom, seems to be working to my advantage. There just isn't enough room for everyone who used to stand and gawk, and it's right there, plop, in the middle of the room, too; so it's also fun to just lean against the bar and watch the goings-in and outs thru the classy HeftyBag curtain they use. And I did get occasion to meet 2 pairs of very nice balls; one even hopped in a cab after closing to meet me down here on my block to come up into my apartment. I was on my bike, as I was all weekend - thanks to our Mayor who is running for re-election and therefore keeping the streets fairly well plowed --- mmmmmmmmmmm, well-plowed---- not that he'd get my vote, but he WILL WIN... I digress. There was no point in the boy suffering by walking to my house, and it was a bit too slippery to give him a ride - on the bike, anyway.

Where was I? Bike, boy, sex, oh yeah. Man! I am not unused to the after-cumming I must go syndrome, but I guess I figured with the temperature and the hour matching - 5, and him living uptown (not merely above 14th, but like in the 3-digits of upper Manhattan) he'd stay. But no, he needed food, and his own bed (and perhaps whatever was in that bed, I didn't ask); but we did chat a bit as he dressed - supernice COCK, I must say, and well, his whole body was quite nice. He had some sort of cellular device that he put my info into - but I won't hold my breath.

I slept til noon, had 1/2 cup of coffee, took a 2-hour nap, then watched a bit of Something Wild, and now must get done at a minimum some porno shipping, and perhaps something solid into my body - I mean food, of course. Oh, and here - if you liked the Bjork video, you may enjoy this mp3 of the Video Version of her upcoming release.