Thursday, November 10, 2005

don't sell, don't sell

"Endowed with a magnificent body and stunning good looks, Terry Wallace wanted the fame and glamour of being a star. He found it as a female impersonator. Eventually stardom brought him into contact with many unusual men, and he discovered his strange talent to appease physical and spiritual hunger with them all. But each new thrill only made Terry painfully aware of the emptiness of his abnormal passion."

damn! I was all ready to post this for auction, but Jay Little's Somewhere Between The Two, with it's man character a female impersonator, is a bit unusual. And doing a bit of research, of course one of my favorite online sources for info on vintage paperbacks - Adult Novels of Men in the Womanless World - Gay Pulp Fiction of the 1950's and 1960's - had this to say:

"The Paperback Library was a New York publisher that reprinted many gay-themed novels (both gay positive and negative) as exploitation pulps. Some, like James Barr's Quatrefoil (1965, originally 1950), were highly acclaimed works and is even back in print today. The common theme is gay men coming to terms with their sexuality in the "shadowy alleys of cities," and they are often gritty and dark. Several notable titles include K. B. Raul's Naked to the Night (1964) and Jay Little [Clarence Lewis Miller]'s Maybe - Tomorrow (1965, orig 1952), the latter tagged as "America's Secret Best Seller." The Paperback Library could seemingly take anything and turn it into an exploitation novel, but almost all Paperback Library are actually worth reading. Despite their motivations, they performed a service by taking good books originally from smaller publishers and reprinting them for a mass audience."