Thursday, November 03, 2005

Matthew Limon update
He's scheduled to have a hearing this afternoon, 3:30 CST, where his attorney is going to ask that he be released pending further action by the state of Kansas. Kansas is supposed to re-sentence him, and that should mean 4 years LESS THAN the time he has already served! Let's all cross our fingers, pray, chant, or whatever it is y'all do when you want something to go well.

There's a very good column over at FindLaw - The Kansas Supreme Court Rights a Wrong, Ruling that the State Cannot Penalize a Teenager for Being Gay - where the columnist notes that the Kansas Supreme Court should have taken this case years ago to reach this appropriate decision. She goes on to note that even in last week's decision, they erred in making Mr. Limon continue to stay in jail and wait for a hearing when they had the authority to simply free him right then and there!