Tuesday, November 08, 2005

local boy makes it big


After years of searching all the seediest spots in NYC (OK, so maybe I wasn't always looking for magazines...), I've finally found this October 1999 issue of HONCHO magazine with a gorgeous neighborhood man on the cover. HONCHO claims to have discovered him in 1999, but many of us discovered him many years earlier, bartending at CROWBAR on east 10th St. Sometime later, he moved on to that place in Chelsea, BARRACUDA, so I didn't see him around much. But then, one spring afternoon, riding my bike through Thompkins Square Park, just about to circle the dog run, I spot him, leaning on the dogrun fence. My heart stops, and so do I, taking out my cheap camera and trying some telephoto lens nonsense, but not much detail at that distance. So I began riding again, slowly circling the dog run until I get close, then behind this man. OMG! His levi's are riding just a bit low - not sleazy low, but just enough to give a hint of, oh jesusmaryandjoseph! - a BIKE brand swimmer-style jockstrap! As I slowly passed him, peddling just enough to keep my balance, I thought I was gonna faint; too shy to try the camera again, way too shy to stop. A few hairs peaked above the 'strap, below the t-shirt, as I slowly moved along, trying to get my heart beating again.....

Of course, now, I can gaze at his pics on BMB; and to tell you the truth, the man looks zillions better now, 6 years after that HONCHO spread. Still, I just don't know if I can be disciplined enough to sell this issue.