Wednesday, November 30, 2005


normally a new gay bar opening isn't all that interesting to me, especially these days (5-1/3 months dating my wonderful BF, but who's counting?)..... but this one grabbed my attention. First it's the late 80's retro (oh god, my 30's are now considered "retro"!!??) design, bringing back memories of wearing those tacky CCCP t-shirts and Lenin pins and all that.... Probably more so, it's opening up in the same space as the old Wonder Bar at 505 e 6th St. Gosh, the amount of time I spent in that tiny back room, er, watering hole drinking $1.00 beers on Wendesdays, tacky movies on Mondays, looking for my wallet on the floor, etc., etc.... I digress. And then, riding in the rain home last night, I notice the door is ajar, I stop, poke my head in, and on his hands and knees (painting, I realize later) is the proprietor, that hot man I mentioned a couple weeks back! I mutter something like "hey, new bar?" and he smiles beautifully, obviously with pride, telling me it opens in 2 days, and I must stop by.
Swoon.       Drool.     swoon.

What? Oh stop - I probably won't go, anyway. But if I did, I'm just trying to support local gay businesses, sheeeesh!