Tuesday, November 15, 2005

how to be invisible
it's official - the new Kate Bush is so good that my constant playing, and cranking up the volume on various tunes, has gotten me into an argument with my next door neighbor! (She lets her door slam shut all the time, shaking and rattling my shelves of vintage dinnerware, and tells ME.... I digress.)

Friday evening I arrived at the boyfriend's apartment baring (bearing?) the gift of music, and upon opening the door heard the intoxicating strumming of what is now my current fave song on the album - How To Be Invisible. Oh well - fortunately I had a back-up present, a tupperware full of fresh-baked cookies. Next I thought of giving the disc to my neighbor buddy, but before I could do that I got an email from him telling me he's got it! Dang! And I just can't return the thing, it would seem so, um, anti-Kate to return it, you know? Luckily a pal of mine is celebrating his birthday this week, so I have his gift all ready! Here is one of my all-time favorite Kate songs, This Woman's Work from her fantastic 1989 album, The Sensual World.