Wednesday, March 29, 2006

and introducing TONY MARCONI

"You finally gonna gimme what I been wantin' all dis time?"

Director: William Higgins (1985)

Starring: Tony Marconi (AKA Tony Stefano) & Lee Mann, - this scene; Rob Williams, Shane Sheppard, Johnny Shovel, Kris Kelly, Kurt Sun, Mike Gibson, David Ashfield, Greg Wood, and J.T. Denver.

Tony, works in a pizzeria, doesn't kiss the gayboys he fucks in the back room.... but what the heck, he's hot, he talks dirty, and if you had the complete video, you'd see the 2nd fuck where the angle is looking up at his hairy legs and ass. MMMMMMmmmmmm! (not to be confused with Higgins The Pizza Boy, He Delivers - completely different, that one is about these guys who work in a pizzeria and.... um....

I'm selling on eBay (duh)