Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm mean, like, we're already naked, so....

One of many cool pics from a magazine called , Best of JOY BOYS . (you know the drill - The eBay auction is here, and for you non-eBayers, here's the supplemental page with additional pics HERE.) I love these older magazines that attempted some sort of narrative with the photographs, instead of just the mere display of twitching buttholes, cum-filled low-hangers, and throbbing, pounding cocks. That can just be so tiresome, eh?

In other news, finally got off my lazy, procrastinating ass and put my roommate ad up. UGH. So many girls, so little interest. Sorry, but I just prefer in this tiny space to be comfortable, and I'd just rather have a (non-cologne-wearing) gay male. But new rules dissuade (is that a word?) you from using "discriminatory language" so I discarded my usual "gay male prefers same" and just put in "gay male comfortable with self" - but NOOOOOO! The girls (and an inexplicably disproportionate number of str8 Italian males) are the main responses so far. Wish me luck sorting thru it all, and getting the apartment back in order to show the place starting tomorrow! UGH!