Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I am not a morning person, I am not a morning person

just ask any of my ex boyfriends, or even the current one (in case anyone was paying attention to last week's vague "I think he hates me" post, we've kissed and (%^&***!!) made up...) about my incoherence and inability to face the day before a few cups of coffee and a couple of slow moving hours.... BUT for some reason, the past couple weeks I have been waking B4 7 am! egad, putting on a pot of coffee, and actually have magazines for auctions scanned, boxes of porno packaged and ready to go, and on those good days, a deposit slip with a handful or porno-checks waiting to get my little hairy ass up to Union Square to the bank.

Back to the porno - ummmmm, yum, I have this JIM FRENCH BOOK, MEN, from I think 1990 with some great photos that I hope to post before auctioning, and was also looking thru various magazines, and one 1982 HONCHO had an ad for the above pictured t-shirts. What I wouldn't do for one (or more) of those shirts!!! OK, OK, there's probably a lot I wouldn't do nowadays, but still, I'd be ever so grateful and happy if someone, somewhere out there had one they just had to get rid of and send me! Also BLUEBOY, PLAYGUY, and of course, IN TOUCH t-shirts or paraphernalia...