Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I guess I've never really quite grappled with just how much pornography I possess until this week - the week I am having the apartment painted. UGH! I mean, I know by this time next week, it will be great, all clean and fresh and ready for Spring (and the roommate search) but you have no idea how many boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes (i could go on, but I won't) of videos; and piles and piles and ..... you get it... of magazines and books. (a lot of magazines and porno books!) Did I mention the vintage art pottery and the massive amounts of Russel Wright bowls and dinnerware? So I thought I had everything arranged - they finished the plastering last week, sanding would happen Monday, and painting half the apartment Tuesday, a break Wednesday so I could move everything from the bedroom into the newly painted parts, and have the bedroom painted on Thursday. So far so good. Just to be on the safe side, I even took off Wednesday night so I had day nad night time to move everything in a rational, level-headed way without marring any of the newly painted walls. But of course the super's schedule got rearranged, and we had to re-negotiate this afternoon - meaning they are DOING NOTHING TODAY (ugh ergh! ugh) and won't paint until Wednesday. They proposed giving me Thursday "off" to rearrange the apartment, and they'd come back Friday or Saturday. I knew there was no way they'd actually work on Saturday, and I didn't want this to go into next week, so I told whined how I took Wednesday night off work, figuring it might pressure them to get to it. They proposed I move everything Wednesday night, and they finish up Thursday.

Now, what does that have to do with the "post title" above, Novel Jews? I had hoped, if I worked really really hard, I could afford a spare hour on this unexpected night off from the restaurant and go over to this conveniently located reading series that's not only FREE, but this month features two buddies of mine! Wayne Hoffman will be reading from his upcoming first novel, Hard and Aaron Hamburger will be reading from his second book, Faith for Beginners. (2004's The View from Stalin's Head was quite good - but you already knew that)

oh well. I guess if i stay up really late tonight after work, I can move some stuff around - as I am always in the mood more rearranging my life at 1 a.m. ERGH!