Friday, March 31, 2006

She died! She died!
Mom said she was sleeping
She lied! She lied!
My bike died this week. After several days of the chain constantly falling off, I finally took a closer look down there and saw that a piece of the bike had rusted apart - a kindof important part that sorta holds the wheel thingee and the chain-turning thingee together. So I knew it was time to look into getting a new one, and even used bikes seemd to begin at 100 bucks. WAAAAAAHHH! I still rode the bike, but only very close to home and very very slowly. Meanwhile, I remembered a good friend (and EX, but the good kind of EX) mentioned a long time ago that he never rides his bike. Another thick-wheeled coaster bike, the only kind I really like (handbrakes scare me; I like having my hands relatively free and let my legs do most of the work). Holy crap, he gave me the bike! Very very nice of him, but he said it had been well over a year since he's ridden it, and it was taking up space in his apartment. Picked it up yesterday morning, just in time for errand-running (Trader Joe's! MMMMmmmm) and of course my THrusday night trek way over to the West Side to see my sweetie. This morning was a beuatiful ride home, and I get this email from a buddy, a sorta "long time no hear" hello - and what does he send, but this great song I had never heard, but now really really love -
The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side.

ahhhhh, but not to worry, although my thoughts are all about spring and flowers and sweet friends, the sweetest boyfriend, and great ex-boyfriends, I haven't forgotten all you nameless, faceless, not-hardly-ever-thanking-me for the porn readers who don't care much for the reading part..... I AM working on a clip or two for later, or at least this weekend.