Saturday, January 03, 2009

after 3:30 in the morning
funny how often the winter holidays can make me blue. sometimes i wonder if its 'cause several decades ago, the parents made it really fun, and i loved decorating the tree, and it was always great. and now, as an adult, it just feels like so much effort, and the cold really gets me down, and well, maybe just not having the tree, with all the decorations and lights (everything but the tree is in boxes spread amongst the closets here). or maybe i only remember the good parts of childhood, or at least the good parts of the holidays. anyhoo.... new years eve, as usual was f**kin cold as heck, and i really didnt wanna go out,. 'cept i not only promised several friends i'd meet up with them at NOWHERE, but i also made one or two promise he'd show up.

i dont know if there was a point to this, except that i had a blast, drank way too much, and woke up January 1st noonish and found a top hat in my bed. whcih forced me to try to recreate how it got there, and what else happened. well, nothing juicy, but i do remember going on about the Francois Kevorkian mix of Planet Claire, and promising to post it. so there.