Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rangers Lament
update on Al Parker's film Rangers. A reader wrote in that he remembers seeing the missing "bear" scene in "A Night Alone with Al Parker" - and while the usual online resources gave little details about the content of that compilation video Al put out in 1988, I was able to figure out who the bear is. Remember my computer crash a few weeks ago?? I thank the gods I recovered it, as I still have the html file from selling a copy of "A Night Alone with Al Parker" back in 2001. Here's my eBay acceptable brief description - Al in the woods with Daniel Holt and bearded Zeke James (bootlaces, big rubberband) - probably from "Rangers" - now I need to look thru my old tapes and see if I am correct (even the chopped up VHS version should have the full credits intact) that the scene was in fact in Rangers - or, perhaps was filmed at the same time, but not released until Night Alone. Of course, now I am sorry I didn't keep Night Alone!