Sunday, January 11, 2009

In that relative calm Of that all night party
...before i was so rudely interrupted, i had made a concerted effort to pay a bit more attention to this here thingee, and post more frequently than I have of late. I know it won't ever be like the early years, 5-10 posts a week; but something closer to 3 times a week should be manageable. And there I am, 4 days in a row, a bit of written content, a recent silly photo, and a repost of a video clip requested by a not-yet discouraged reader. Sounds good, right? Then, Saturday evening, January 3rd 2009, a day that will live in infamy (in my mind), not long after that handsome hispanic man, toolbelt around his slim waist, accentuating his hard tight ass, with his adorable face, and easy smile... not long after he crawled across my bed, my internet connection died.

he swore it wasn't his fault, and proceeded to show me my network drivers had disappeared, probably a virus, blah blah blah - hard to take from the Time Warner man, the representative of the company that not only provides my internet and cable connections, but the anti-virus software that is supposed to protect my computer. but he smiles that smile, and turns to pick up some tools, as if to say, "you enjoyed looking at my ass for the last two hours, so it wasn't that bad, right?" and walks out the door. huh? I spent a few hours that night on the phone with a different Time Warner technician, puzzled at my loss of drivers, then we find corrupt ones, but without an internet connection, hard to upload new ones..... blah blah, I won't bore you with all the details, but to say by the next day, after unsuccessfully attempting to reinstall drivers, the computer went into I'm-not-starting-up-mode. the best i could do is get to that system restore mode, where the prompt

BY CLICKING OK YOU WILL PERMANENTLY DESTROY 9 YEARS/120 GIGS OF PORNO is displayed, with no alternative but clicking OK! AHHHHHH! I quickly pulled out all sorts of plugs, and for the next 2 days watched as I feebly tried to restart and watched it churn through a horrible loop of offering options that never appeared when I click onto them. Alas, with the assistance of a tech consultant we use at work (another adorable hispanic man, but I suspect his heritage is from a different carribean island) I managed to get all my files off the hard drive and safely onto an external hard drive, re-connect my old hard drive and get the option from the Gateway wizard inside my computer to Full System Restore (w/backup). Took a few hours, and now I am painstakingly reinstalling 3 years wroth of various software and such.... so, the last thing I remember successfully downloading from the internet before this machine died was some tunes from Shriekback, so here's to the resurrection of my 'puter, sexthinkone