Saturday, January 17, 2009


What's wrong with the picture on the right?

OK, you work on figuring that out..... meanwhile, this is another classic film that has a missing scene - in fact, I think my own VHS copy is missing it, as well. There seemed to be this rash of f*cking with videos in the late 1980's, either a missing reel, or just cheap sellers who used shorter tapes to duplicate and chopped off stuff for no reason other than to fit what they could onto the shorter, cheaper blank videotape. In this film, it's a scene with Al Parker and this lumberjack bear, and I think Daniel Holt is in the scene, as well. Too Bad. Much like my beloved Turned On Cub, this bearded guy may well have only appeared in just the solitary Al Parker film, never to be seen again. And RATS! I don't even have a still pic of him! Oh, when will the gods of porn bestow a full version of Al Parker's wonderful Rangers???