Saturday, January 24, 2009

this n that

never offer jocksniffing services publicly like in yer blog, as you'll likely be disappointed at the lack of takers - so NO! NO! NO! - i don't care how many of you try to shove yer jocks in my face at the Pinups 8 After party 10:00pm at Nowhere Bar tonight, aint gonna happen - I will not inhale!

In other news, a few weeks back I'm poking around my supergreatfantastic webhosting service - DREAMHOST, and clicked on, or signed up for, some sorta beta-something, and now I have UNLIMITED GOSHDARN BANDWIDTH! What does that mean to me? you inquire - it means you can surf through my archives and email me with a Hey Dude, can you put up that old clip of so-and-so doing such-n-such? and if you say it nice, perhaps with sexy inducements (or beer), I might just do it.