Sunday, January 25, 2009

yeah, someone still reads it!

How cool to wake up with this hangover after drinking too much beer, foolishly thinking if i just waited til all the lights went on at 4:15 at that gash darn bar, someone would follow me into my cab going home... anyway, where was I? apparently the beer is still in me (where were all the recycling bears, anyway?) - what? where was i.... cool to wake up with hangover? where's my editor? ....just trailing off rambling..... oh yeah, email request for old posted clips to get re-posted, but you figured that out already from the reassuring picture above of Bruno enjoying Mr Mitchell.

Director: Lou Thomas (aka: Jon Target), formerly of COLT STUDIOS (1978?) - Starring: Bruno & Rod Mitchell - original post back here

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can "right click" and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.