Wednesday, December 05, 2001

a friend of mine swore she saw some leather pants in a trailer for Kansas City Trucking, and after a day of looking at way too much porn, I still had to see if she was right (yes, the shot of a guy unzipping leather pants is in the trailer, but I am pretty sure it got put in there by mistake). I was trying earlier today to update my Video Collection page, but I wound up totally fascinated by this guy in a 70's film called Anything Goes using an ACCU-JAC while lying on a water bed (I admit, I was getting a bit dizzy, and when he pulled out this skinny, long dildo........!) anyway, did you know you can get your old ACCU-JAC repaired??? I promise to try to get some screen captures from the film in the next day or two; but that machine really looks like it could be the answer to all my problems!