Monday, December 31, 2001

so, you know how INERTIA has that negative connotation? I have the more "postive" form of it today; I can't stop moving! 4 loads of laundry (miracle of miracles, not a soul in the laundry room this morning); finally tipped the super and his assistant ( I skipped it last year, being unemployed an all; knew I couldn't do that 2 years in a row); post office, grocery store, scannin g pics for eBay auctions... and on and on.

I think it's this tickle in the back of my throat (not that kind, it's been 32 days since I've had that, not that I'm counting) - that this morning turned into a sniffle, so I know a cold is coming on. And while I don't go crazy on New Year's, I do have plans to stop by a pal's, have a ber or two, so when I'm sick as a dog tomorrow and the next day, would be nice if I planned ahead, had plenty of O.J., clean comfy clothes. More later on the LOADS of nice gifts I've received (I still can't get over the SIMPSONS DVD package!!!!!! - such a surprise, and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!) Bjork news: a decent TIME magazine article

and a very cool OFFICIAL remix of Pagan Poetry - Matthew Herbert Handshake Mix
oh yeah, how could I forget, my great new t-shirt! - and no smart remarks from you who shouldn't even get the unintended irony of the shirt's design!