Tuesday, December 18, 2001

there is a big noisy truck outside my window pushing dirt around the former parking lot soon-to-be-garden - OWWW!

had a great brunch (lunch for him, breakfast for me) with Andy - he's even more fun off the stage/ off the webpage! I'm still fighting this hangover, and am a bit tipsy, so I can hardly believe I was able to carry on a conversation (or maybe he was just being polite by laughing at my jokes? those were jokes he was laughing at........right?). And last night, Ms. Bunny didn't look quite as, um, airbrushed, as this palmcard promoting her new night at The Hole (is it called 1979, or Bunnyhole, I can't remember). But, it was so fun listening to her talk about old Pyramid Club days, and this new night (which appears to be rather cold - I couldnt quite figure out if they have no heat, or a broken airconditioner) - by the time I get back in town, it'll be THE place to go on Sunday nights. And then all this trashy talk about Lady Kier! We had no idea if she was pulling our leg, just exagerating for effect, or telling some really cool dirty stories about the "early days", but we ate it up like little kids!

Speaking of fun, have you checked out Shane's dirty art - either I hadn't been paying attention, or he recently added a LOT more great stuff!