Saturday, December 08, 2001

another day working - painting, cleaning, hauling more garbage, BUT, got my first check - woohoo!!!! It's turned into more work than I had expected, which is good. Even better, she seems happy with my work, and raised my payrate that we had agreed upon a couple weeks back. So, a few more days, mostly painting, is great. Meanwhile, haven't had an on-line chat with blogcrushboy in days........ oops, was I supposed to stop (s)talking about him?

Porn-wise, I got a video called Tease Me which claimed it starred Casey Donovan and Val Martin (one of, if not the first, leather daddies) - fortunately, I figured it must have been a scene from a 1974 Wakefield Poole film called Moving, and not only was I right, but it has at least one more scene from the old film - (I only watched the Casey/Val poolside scene yesterday morning - quite "inspiring").