Sunday, December 02, 2001


not sure why it never made it to RED HOT + RIO, the album she recorded it for (either she changed her mind, or they rejected it, depending on which source you believe); apparently, it's this song by Milton Nascimento that introduced Bjork to the work of arranger Eumir Deodato (do your own google search to check out his amazing career). Nonetheless, the translated-from-Portuguese lyrics should give you an idea why she picked the song in the first place.

When you went away
Night came into my life
I'm strong but I can't handle
Today i am gonna have to cry
My house isn't mine
Neither is the place i stand
I am lonely and don't exist
I have so much to say

I free my voice in the streets
I don't want to stop now
My path is made of stone
So how can I dream
Dream made of a breeze
Wind come and finish this
I'm going to end my sorrow
I want to take my life

I'm going through life
Letting you go
I don't want to die anymore
I have plenty to live for
I want to love again,
And if things don't work, I won't suffer
I don't dream anymore
These days I keep going only with my strength